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Hello potential customer,


I'm Kevin Thyng.  I am the owner/operator of Kevin Thyng Detailing. I started my business in the spring of 2012.  While working as a stay-at-home caregiver to my wife's elderly mother I developed a plan to establish a business in my home as I could no longer leave home to work. I knew that auto detailing was a trade where the skills that I had honed in my thirty years as a professional painter would serve me and my customers well.  I also had the perfect space and location to accommodate the folks of Kennebunk and the surrounding towns.  Through the mentoring of a close friend with over 30 years in the detailing business, I learned the "details" of detailing.  He literally walked me through my first few cars.  He also connected me to a network of suppliers to access the finest cleaning products and equipment. Since beginning in this trade I have learned through hard work and experience and also through the satisfaction and feedback of my customers. I take great pride in my work and as an outgoing person I truly enjoy getting to know my clients, their families, and their preferences regarding their vehicles.  I hope that you contact me to discuss your detailing needs.  


Thank you for visiting my website.  


Kevin Thyng

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM



261 Webber Hill Rd. 

Kennebunk, ME 04043

About Us


We are located at 261 Webber Hill Road Kennebunk Maine. ​Look for the checkered racing flag and the sign at the end of the driveway and you will know it is me.


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Our Services


- Visit our "What to Expect' page to get more details about our services.






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